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Parallel Universes

When I speak in this mode, the one of fixing & fairness, there's usually something scratchy in the way it feels in my body.  It's very surface level and there's some quality of forcing myself, or of suppressing my truer self, to get the words out, that never ever feels freeing and enlivening.

Being Giraffe V's Doing Giraffe

Join me as I explore the differences between Being and Doing Giraffe in the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Terrain of Togetherness

Those moments are like bombs, blasting open the hard, rocky turfs that cover our hearts, protecting us from the pain, more pain, more pain, more pain.  Blast it open!  Feel it!  Fucking feel it!!!!!!!!  Let it knock you down.  Blow you to the ground.  Bruised, scathed and cut.  Let it shudder your bones.

What your kids might really be needing as they scrap with their siblings...

What ever possessed me to write a blog about siblings fighting!? When just the thought of my girls getting scratchy with each other sends tiny prickles up my legs and arms. I do know why really. It's because...

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