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What do you truly desire? How do your relationships look, the ones you know in your heart are possible, including the one with yourself?

I’m Jess – ever evolving human, partner, mother, friend, life lover, soul sister and I live in the sub-tropical lushness of the Far North of New Zealand. I’m on a mission to live a consciousness of nonviolence, a life of integrity and authenticity and to dance with all it’s untamed beauty!

I found something that I believe can change the world as we know it.  And it’s my deep joy to share it with you.

It’s powerful. It’s peaceful.

Conscious Communication, a practice based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC)  is an instrument of reflection and a dependable space for self-growth, a language of life and a lifestyle of compassion, inner peace, authenticity and emotional wellbeing.  It’s a way of seeing and understanding human behaviour, which generates more compassion within us, and it’s also a modality, when practiced with intention and care, that can heal past trauma and prevent the build up of new.  This happens because everything we experience, including our own thoughts and emotions, are transmuted back to the heart, our centre of Universal Love.

Conscious Communication also offers an awesomely practical verbal toolset which serves as a guide when it comes to expressing your truth, hearing it in others without becoming defensive or reactive, finding peaceful resolutions in conflict, saying what you truly mean even when triggered and how to ask for what you really want in a way that brings connection, embracing vulnerability with courage.

A trainer and mentor in Conscious Communication/NVC, FlowFest dance facilitator, Sivananda Yoga Teacher, massage therapist and unschooling Mum of two, the latter four practices help me to embody the first.

I share this work in a compilation of ways; in-person and online group trainings, personalised coaching for individuals and couples, in-person where possible or online, go-at-your-own-pace pre-recorded workshops, ongoing embodiment series and, I'm always open to getting creative with you in bringing it to life in other ways.

I’m continually studying, experimenting and exploring new ways to deliver this work to you as effectively as possible and I’ve recently begun my journey toward becoming a CNVC Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication.

If you feel drawn to having me walk by your side on an exploration into the depths of your heart, see my offerings here. here.

I invite you to feel into any you are drawn to, noticing how your body responds.  You are likely to find there, your next step.  For me?  It would be an honour to share life with you in this way.

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