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In my yearning to contribute to the creation of the world I desire to live in – one filled with rich and nourishing relationships built on trust, empathy and honesty, one where all beings matter, are deeply self-connected and are supported to thrive, a world that celebrates our potent uniqueness and where sweet interconnectedness is the norm – Flourishing in Flow was born.

It is my hope, that when you land on these pages, a part of you feels at home, and your heart opens to the notions of greater connection with life,, hope for a brighter future and joyous, limitless potentiality.

Jess x

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Who is this for?

In the heat of the moment, do you struggle to communicate clearly, in a way that stems from your truth, from your heart? When emotions run high, do you sometimes say things you don’t really mean, perhaps later wishing you’d been able to say it differently? Do others receive your words in a way you weren’t intending them to be heard?

Ever find yourself wondering, confused, triggered perhaps, at the things people do? Sometimes, you just don’t understand others’ behaviours and when you really look within, it creates a disharmony within you?

Do you wish that your relationships were easier and that love was reason enough for things to just work? Do you ever get tired of the same themes that keep showing up in your relationships, the ones that prevent you from really being in joy with the other?

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How it could impact your life?

Communicate clearly and confidently with care for all involved, in a way that’s aligned with your values. Gradually, over time and with practice, this way of communicating becomes natural, even at times of heightened emotion. You become skilled in hearing what others are really trying to say, even when they are struggling.

Develop understanding and compassion for all beings, across differences and diversities. Tune into the art of empathy, inviting clarity, healing, inner freedom and a deep of connection to all of life.

Imagine getting excited at blockages in your relationships and the judgements and emotions that are stimulated, because you know they carry powerful messages and insights into a more fulfilling life… Imagine welcoming challenging conversations, embracing tension in your closest relationships, because you know you’ll be shown a new ‘edge’ which will lead you to healing and a greater level of joy… With this practice, this becomes your reality.

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What others have experienced...


I've just got off the final call for my six week 1:1 Conscious Communication Immersion with Jess and my heart is all filled up.  I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel understood and deeply listened to.  I've come away with beautiful tools to use in every day life in my communication with others.  It was particularly beneficial to discover what my own needs actually are, in order to deepen my relationship with myself and futher more, with other I walk through life with.

I am so filled with gratitude for the beautiful way Jess holds space and gently guides emotions and thoughts to the surface, while using different tools to support clarity with communication and a certain unravelling of self.  Thank you so much Jess, my life is richer and deeper because of you and your beautiful work.       

Alexa - Mother, doula, photographer Role

NVC has changed my life in many profound and unexpected ways. When I was first introduced to it by Jessica a few years ago, I thought it was like learning a new language in a way.. It turned out to be so much more than that! Practising NVC has made me aware of my needs and the needs of others, and how important this knowledge is, in creating and maintaining, harmonious and thriving relationships, both with myself and others! NVC has helped me to be a more empathetic person.....

Laura - naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist & personal trainer Role

The couples workshop with you Jessica was above my expectation. The group size was small and intimate.  I enjoyed the sharing together, the exercises we did as couples, the laughter, the energy in the group as a whole.  When one couple was struggling, the support and love in the group was heartfelt.  Lots of good information, food for thought and practices to take home.  And then the beautiful food Laura provided for us throughout the day, added an extra special touch.
We chose to come to the workshop that you facilitated Jessica, because of your young and fresh approach, as you are a shining Light... such a joy.  Your approach is passionate, genuine, knowledgeable and you truly embody the teachings full of compassion.  I was/am deeply grateful and touched by your presence.

Lucia - yoga, meditation, healing Role

I attended a few 1:1 online sessions with Jess and since the first minute together I felt there was not a screen between us and we were actually sharing the same space.  She always made me feel safe and her lovely accepting energy supported me to self-discover my self and my gifts.  Her way to facilitate sessions allowed me to learn so much about this amazing and powerful way to communicate, respecting yourself and others to co-create peace and harmony.  I will highly recommend sessions with her to anyone

Giulia - art yoga instructor  Role

NVC has made a big difference in my life.  It helps me cut through all the noise to figure out what is really going on and how to make life better.  And Jess is the perfect facilitator; real, empathetic and passionate.  I highly recommend communication training with Jess and can’t wait to see where it leads!

Briar - Mum of three, teacher, farmer Role

That was absolutely fantastic Jess! So simple, yet so powerful! 

Thank you Jess.  I found your workshop has been great help in my connections with others.  By connecting with my own needs first, I have been able to go deeper into why people act in certain ways.  I find I can be critical in my attitude and I guess it is a learnt behaviour, having suffered criticism from a young age over the course of my life.  It has been a defense mechanism for me to do the same.  Now, by recognising my own needs, I will use these tools you have provided me with to go forward.

Daphne - Mother, Grandmother & doggy daycare minder Role

I welcome hearing from you anytime!

Get in touch if you have any questions, enquiries about 1:1 coaching or potential group trainings, celebrations in your practice, feedback or anything else you are drawn to sharing with me, and I will respond when it comes with ease.

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