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Being Giraffe V's Doing Giraffe


When I am ‘being giraffe’ I may be either consciously or unconsciously moving through life, attuned to, and tending to, mine and other’s needs.  I am strong in my roots of self-connection, naturally returning there to replenish whenever I am stretched, or not easily and harmoniously living through the essence of my needs.  My actions and choices arise naturally, or with conscious attention, from the space of needs awareness.  Interaction with life is from a Full Bodied place (physical body, mind body, emotional body, soul body) leaving the experience as rich, whole, colourful, vibrant and alive.  I notice when a particular need is calling, an eternal inner compass guiding me, navigating my ship in it’s endeavor to serve life, by a niggle or other sensation in my body, and I can tend to in trust and confidence, making necessary inner adjustments to steer my outer ship toward home.



When I’m ‘doing giraffe’ I am often in my head, as opposed to my Full Body.  When I am coming from this space, the experience feels flat, life-limiting, mundane and disconnected from the rich source that is Life.  I notice I ‘do giraffe’ when I am not strong in my roots, when I haven’t spent adequate, or any, time connecting to the life within me and opening my heart to the other.  Because I am not fully connected, when I attempt to self-express or be with another in empathy, I resort to using my head to piece the words together, no longer fueled by the energy of my heart, of life.

For me at times, this mode of ‘doing giraffe’ has acted as a bridge; one end, a place overgrown with ‘inner weeds’; judgements, blame, my own story, trigger point.  As a I walk along the bridge, as I say the words in giraffe language, I find myself becoming closer and closer to home – to the place where my truest essence lives, where the life of my needs flourish in abundance all around me.  In other words, ‘doing giraffe’ and rolling with it for a while, because it’s the ‘best’ I can manage in that moment, can guide me back down into my Full Body, into softer terrain, where I am more able to ‘be giraffe’.

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