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Inner Knowing (Deep Empathy): 1:1 session

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We are a species that thrive on interconnectedness. The healing power of empathy, between two hearts, has been known for ions and many of our struggles can be lessened when we reach out to another.

Here, it is my deepest honour to hold space for you - one where you feel safe to journey into that which is calling your attention; a life challenge or block, a habitual patterning you know it's time to call out, emotional or physical pain, confusion or uncertainty, a difficult decision you are making, or anything else that is living within you.

I offer pure empathetic presence and strong & gentle guidance, which can invite deep healing and clarity - a divine process which arises when you connect in with your own innate wisdom.

1:1 over Zoom. Deep Empathy Sessions run approx 70-90 mins.  Standard Empathy Sessions run up to 60 mins.  Choose your own session time, booking through my calendar.

Gift vouchers available.

Note: This programme is not intended as therapeutic advice or support and you are encouraged to seek professional support from a counsellor or therapist if required.

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