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Empathy Cards + 1:1 session

$88.00 USD

Inviting these cards into your life can be a wonderful way to learn the art of empathy or to deepen your existing skills.

This option includes a 1:1 one hour online session with Jess, where she will give you a deeper, felt-experience into empathy, setting you up with further clarity and confidence to bring more empathy into your life and relationships.

Your Empathy Playing Cards pack includes:
  • x red feelings cards
  • x pink feelings cards
  • x white needs cards
  • drawstring bag made from upcycled fabric
  • PDF document, with suggestions on how to use the cards delivered to you by emailed

Your cards may be used in many ways to support the strengthening and awareness of empathy, including playing Empathy Poker with a group of 3-5 people, and for individual use assisting you in giving yourself empathy and connecting in with the life energy of your beautiful needs (values, things that are precious to you, your heart's longing).

Please note: Once you have ordered, Jess will be in touch so you can schedule your 1:1 session

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