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Couples Coaching: 3 months

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Is your relationship calling for you both now to tune in deeper; to yourselves, to eachother and to the space that holds both of you?

If you choose to take this journey together, you will both:

  • Learn, or deepen into, the practice of Conscious Communication, weaving the concepts and skills further into your relationship and daily lives
  • Discover your individual and relationship growth edges and become more skilled at utilising the tools to enhance healing and bonding
  • Gain more understanding of your own, and each others' emotions, increasing awareness about your choices for connection
  • Tune into the wisdom of your physical bodies
  • Find more compassion and ability to understand eachother, even when you are not in agreement
  • Strengthen your self-connection process and ability to respond, rather than react
  • Learn to more clearly hear each other and see one another for your true intentions
  • Gain confidence & skill in expressing what is important to you, with care for the others' experience
  • Explore how past experiences shape your reactions and the impact they have on the way you communicate together
  • Have enough tools and level of integration to support the continued deepening of your connection long after the programme has finished

Is it time to grow into a more fulfilling relationship together?

You will receive:

  • 20 min 2:1 connection call
  • 8x one hour 2:1 couple coaching sessions via zoom
  • 2x one hour 1:1 Deep Empathy sessions (one each)
  • Home play suggestions
  • 1:1 on the spot coaching via WhatsApp, one day every week

BONUS: Entry into the next round of The Embodiment Series, an online group experience, even if the start date is after your 3 months has finished.

EXTRA: If you would like to add on a 70-90 minute mediation session at anytime during the 3 month period, you can do so for a contribution of US$111

This is for you if:

You lean forward and your hearts open as you imagine how your relationship could be after these 3 month of going All In and you can both commit to going All In.  It is a requirement that you both have some experience in NVC (Nonviolent Communication), either with myself or another trainer.

Note: This programme is not intended as therapeutic advice or support and you are encouraged to seek professional support from a counsellor or therapist if required.

Agreement: Upon booking this programme, you both agree to your 12 week period commencing on the date of your first session, which you will be invited to book in starting within 2 weeks of purchase date.  If you are unable to attend any sessions, by mutual agreement we may reschedule the session to be taken at another time within the 12 week period; there is no option to rollover any untaken sessions after the 12 week period closes.

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