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Conscious Communication Immersion: 1:1 - a twelve week personalised programme

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Would you love to:

  • Have more courage to explore your inner landscape of thoughts, emotions and desires, receiving insight and meaning as you connect with them?
  • Understand why you do, say and feel what you do, and know what to do with the knowledge?
  • Be able to accept and allow emotions to flow through you in a healthy way?
  • Express your truth with confidence and care for all involved, even when emotionally triggered?
  • Be an advocate for your own Needs, making requests of yourself and others, in support of them?
  • Increase your compassion and understanding for others, even across differing opinions?
  • Support those you care about in navigating their broad range of emotions, with confidence and empathy?
  • Develop a deep self-care practice that continually brings you back home to your heart space?
  • Embody the art of listening?
  • Discover the underlying reasons for others’ behaviours and to see their true intentions?
  • Have enough tools and solid base to continue deepening into a consciousness of compassion, long after the programme has finished

During our twelve weeks together, you will receive:

  • 1x Live Connection Call via Zoom
  • 6x Teaching Pieces as pre-recorded videos
  • 6x Live 1:1 Coaching Calls (1 hour each) via Zoom
  • 22-page Guide Book
  • Embodiment Home Play guide
  • Random intuitive messages that come for you, via me, to support you in your journey (there could be 0, there could be 100!)

Why I'm absolutely thrilled to work with you in this way:

Right from the conception of my own Conscious Communication journey, I have never ceased being in awe and gratitude for what it brings to my life... simultaneously, I noticed from early on, a fire burning inside of me that I connect deeply to a longing of discovering a way of delivering this practice to people that comes with ease, and a faster and more effective way of integrating the skills and consciousness into their lives.  And I believe this programme is a way to do that.

This is for you if you: 

  • are a complete beginner to Conscious Communication (this programme will be counted as a foundation course in Nonviolent Communication/NVC) or,
  • have completed a foundation course in NVC and would like to refresh on the teachings and become more embodied, more skilled and more aligned in living a heart & value-led life.

Note: This programme is not intended as therapeutic advice or support and you are encouraged to seek professional support from a counsellor or therapist if required.

Upon booking this programme, you agree that:
It is your own responsibility to book your live coaching calls on the appropriate weeks. If you are unable to attend a scheduled call, you will let Jessica know as soon as possible and she will look at the option of rescheduling, though you understand it is not a guarantee. If rescheduling is not an option for Jess, she will deliver personalised coaching in a voice recording, in place of your live coaching call. The options for your live coaching calls are 9am-7pm Weds & Thurs NZ time, however if you find upon booking that all of the available times aren’t an option for you, you may get in touch with Jess as soon as you know and she will try her best to create a new time slot for you, though it is not always guaranteed and may result in a voice-recorded coaching call.

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