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Is your heart calling for...

empowered and authentic self-expression?
clear empathy skills?
ways of doing business with integrity?
practices for emotional wellbeing?
financial ease and flow?
new holistic wellness knowledge and tools?
heart-led community?   

If yes to any of the above, we are buzzing to invite you to join us in...

An 8-week online course set to equip you with foundational tools for life.

Conscious Communication, a practice based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), is an instrument of reflection and a dependable space for self-growth, a language of life and a lifestyle of compassion, authenticity, connection and emotional wellbeing.

It’s a way of seeing and understanding human behaviour, which generates greater compassion within and it’s also a modality, when practiced with intention and care, that can heal past trauma and prevent the build up of new.

Through practice, everything you experience including thoughts and emotions, are transmuted back to the heart, the home of your longings and needs - your centre of Universal Love.

Conscious Communication offers an awesomely practical verbal toolset which serves as a guide when expressing your truth, hearing truth in others even when you don't like what you hear them say, finding peaceful resolutions in conflict and how to ask for what you actually desire in a way that invites connection and embraces vulnerability.

The Healy is a personalised, holistic wellbeing device that communicates with the quantum field and serves as a bridge between your true nature and the quantum; life force energy.  It uses frequency to support harmonisation on all four bodily planes; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, aligning yourself to that which you long for.

To utilise both the practice of Conscious Communication and the Healy creates the potential for coherence - within self, human to human, human to Life energy.

My team and I are frothing about how combining both modalities can assist us in living more in alignment with our authentic selves, creating coherence in relationship and community and living deeper into that which we desire - individually and collectively!


During this co-created unique 8-week course, I (Jessica White) will share the foundations of Conscious Communication (NVC) through an experiential lens and exploring the energetic parts of what it is to be human.   You'll learn the art of authentic self-expression & empathy, strong self-connection & emotional care practices, tools for aligning to your deepest visions, whilst using the Healy alongside to invite a truly transformational experience.

Zara Taulelei will guide an ancestral throat chakra clearing to assist you in freeing the pathway to your truth.

Kyle Boyd-Tawera is offering a journey in breathwork ~ breathe and expand through the expanse of dance.

You'll connect with your Heart intelligence, bringing coherent pattern between your mind and heart and discover how to reconcile, understand and recognise the heart as a source that generates an electromagnetic field able to guide your decision-making ability, with Giulia Mattioli.

Gina Rumble and Zarna Deed will be introducing the modality of Kinesiology - this is a unique modality that works holistically to bring alignment and clarity to your mind, body and soul and uses muscle testing to provide feedback to locate stress and energy blockages in the body. They will be sharing some practical tips of how to release stress and balance the body yourself, so you can use this in your life.

Laura Rose will be inviting you to examine your beliefs around personal empowerment and success, and create a vision to empower you to shift into relationship with your livelihood in ways that will generate joy, ease and flow, newfound fulfillment and greater capacities for creating success in every domain of your life.

You have the opportunity to say 'yes' to creating leveraged income flow with Jess and her team supporting you in finding creative ways that serve both you as a being on this planet, and the ways you long to, or already do, contribute to others.

This is for you if

✨ you'd love to learn an empowered & compassionate way of relating, that's fully within your integrity, in both your personal and business relationships

✨ you are ready for financial freedom

✨ you value autonomy and power in your world when it comes to yours and your family's health

✨ nourishing & collaborative ways of doing business where everyone flourishes - regardless of whether you already have a business or not - are calling you

Creating wealth with integrity

Does this desire live strongly in you too?  Staying in integrity and authenticity is top of our priority and we know that NVC is our powerful supporting tool.  Coherence will show you how you can speak openly about your business, about money, about anything you want, in a way that feels freeing and leaves you with peace in your heart and ease in your body.

You will learn powerful empathy skills to help you to fully hear and understand those who connect with you, enabling you to support them to make decisions that align with their dreams and desires, whilst expanding your own wealth potential.  Bringing Healy into your business, whether it's one already in action or yet to be brought into the world, invites limitless creativity in finding ways of sharing that feel fabulous for you!  And this community is here to help you do just that. 

Date & time

Thursdays 10am-12pm NZT
beginning 3rd Aug and finishing 21st Sept
(Replays will be available until one month after course finishes)


• 8x weekly live sessions on Zoom
• Embodiment home play
• Summary notes as PDF (Conscious Communication teachings)
• 1:1 Healy business empathy-based mentorship with Jess (or her team member who invited you here), during the course and for as long as you choose to work with Healy thereafter
• Access to Jess' Empathy Frequency & mentorship, Lacey Haynes' (renowned woman's business coach) Wealth Family circle, plus the incredible Frequency Family heart-led supporting & thriving community

How do I join?

This course (and everything it includes) is FREE with the purchase of a Healy (Res Plus or Pro) with Jess as referral or any of her team as referral.

Purchase your Healy here ✨
(Either Resonance Plus or Professional models are recommended for this course and are both 35% off this month)

IMPORTANT: Ensure the referer is the name of the person who invited you here. Use the above link if it was Jess otherwise ask the person who invited you for their link.

What is the Healy?  Have other questions?

Watch this 5 min video
or this 35 min video where Marcus Schmiecke, quantum physicist/monk and creator of Healy, explains the science
and/or contact Jess, or the person who invited you here, with ALL your questions!
jessica@flourishinginflow.co.nz or 0211883204 on WhatsApp

We'd love to assist you in landing on your aligned 'yes' or 'no' to this opportunity.

NOTE: It is advisable to have your Healy by 31st July so you can run the Gold Cycle programmes for one week to prepare your energetic body to receive the frequencies we'll be using during the course.

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