Dear Community Member,

I’m delighted to connect with you in this way, knowing you’ll be receiving what I’m called to share.
Gifted to you now is the Self-Connection Meditation: home to the heart.

Click here to access Self-Connection Meditation.

It is my intention for this audio to serve as a guide in supporting you to re-center; first thing in the morning as part of your awakening ritual, in the evening, to round off your day, a form of healing and invitation for gratitude, during the day to acknowledge the life within you and/or and as a tool to reconnect to your Self and ground in moments of heightened emotion.

I welcome hearing from you any time as well – questions, enquiries about 1:1 or potential group trainings, celebrations, feedback or anything else you are drawn to sharing with me.

Looking forward to engaging in life with you however it flows.

In gratitude,